About me

Hello! I am Oklomsy and this is my website, For the most part, I am an average computer nerd, I am the one who you call if you have any problems with computers. In my free time, I browse the web, play games and also I occassionaly program and develop software. I am an avid Linux user, FOSS enjoyer and advocate, and also a System administrator (in-progress)

I am interested in various things, such as peer-to-peer networking, decentralization, anonymity tools, cryptography and server administration.

Here in my website, you can find methods to contact me, PGP encryption keys to securely communicate, projects im working on, and my personal blog where I write about anything and everything (I usually publish 1 blog article per month).

Contact me

I am on the following platforms:

Email: oklomsy@oklomsy.com
(if you need to communicate securely, then you can find my PGP Keys here)
Mastodon: @oklomsy@social.linux.pizza
Twitter: @oklomsy
XMPP: oklomsy@nullob.si (Thanks Kayden for the account)

Blog posts

Why I don't recommend the MIT license; May 17, 2022

The Google Mystery; Apr 15, 2022

Abandoning Twitter.; Feb 16, 2022

The internet sucks, what do we replace it with?; Jan 6, 2022

Our future jobs will rely on emotions and not standard protocols.; Nov 23, 2021

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