Welcome to Oklomsy.com

Welcome to my website, here you will find everything about me and my projects. I post all of my projects and I might also add a link to download the software I make (or recommend.)

About me!

Hello! I am oklomsy, I like cake, I love eating vegetables and rice, I am a muslim, I am not a good programmer but I still try as hard as I can, I absolutely love Free software, The reason why It took me so long to get my website back was because of something I like to call ETCWMMDNAIATTDMNBIWGGADDNBIDGANDNSNIHNDBOMSB

My Projects

This is a list of all of my github projects, it might not be updated anymore. if you want to see the latest projects then go to my Github or my other Github

Most of my projects are licensed under the MIT or GPL License, if there are any projects without a license then contact me via email!

I also have a esolangs.org account where you can view all my esoteric programming languages! or you can go to my other github account.

Silly websites I made

Here is a list of all the silly websites I made (sometimes with Sparksammy)

Contact me!

Email: here
Twitter: Here

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