Hello welcome to my site!

I am Oklomsy, a Supertux Noob, i use Ubuntu-based OSes btw, i also play video games, occasionally on Windows.

"Basically, life is just being thrown into new environments and trying to adapt to them, when you fail, you try again until you succeed." -- Oklomsy, 2019

If you want to reach out to me for some reason then here are some ways you can contact me:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @Oklomsy

if I am not active then check out the political articles here I probably wrote something new.

Dschott1234/FlyingDuck3121 Exposed here

Latest News

PS: All dates are DD/MM/YYYY, other formats are confusing.

New site design yay!

Date: 31/05/2020

new site design, this is inspired by Richard Stallman's site because it looks nice.

And also another reason lies within Sparksammy's blog post "A bit of spring cleaning on my site."

I like the "classic look" of websites. we only use css to position and border but the rest is default color, font, everything.

Cheers to repl.it

Date: 30/05/2020

Thank you repl.it for letting me run c code in school without having to install anything!

No seriously thank you repl.it you have saved me a lot of trouble

I finally got oklomsy.com back!

Date: 23/05/2020

Thank you zydrec! Now I have 4.15$ debt, just kidding but seriously thank you so much Zydrec.

GEMS has a panic system, color, sound and text! Yay!

Date: 20/05/2020

GEMS is an OS made my me and Sparksammy, quite recently there were a lot of bugs because we decided to use LUA instead of C for the os, which is very bad so we had to remove lua and then we had to develop the os in c. I decided to add a panic system for when a crash occurs. it just stops the system entirely and tells you how to submit a issue report on github, but it is useful I guess...


Date: 21/05/2020

This is super loud

Update: it sounds a lot better now (As of 31/05/2020)

Happy May Day comrades!

Date: 01/05/2020

Happy May Day comrades, cheers to every single one of y'all!

My projects

I have two different github accounts.

louponius and oklomsy (main)


A operating system made by me and Sparksammy, it constantly competes against Spinel over who will be developed faster, for now. Spinel seems to be winning oof.

GitHub Repo

Yer Era

In a world where sentient robots dont have rights and companies discard the "dumb ones", what will our hero do? will he save them?

Yer Era (HTML)

a Multi-choice game that helps you grasp the story

Coming soon

Ye Era (3D)

Making a 3D game is so hard, so it is still not out yet.

Yer Era (Full story)

Here is the entire full story of Yer Era.

Link here

Written by me and sparksammy lulz


An esoteric programming language that really takes assembly to the next level.

Esolangs.org entry or GitHub repo


A simple website that encrypts anything you put in.


Other stuff

Communist license! A software license designed for the average communist!

Okay but seriously do not actually use it as a software license thats dumb and idiotic, also its not done but it is good enough.

Plain text!

Animals on drugs series

A bunch of weird page of crazy animals

Goats on LSD

Its just Goats on LSD


Krazy Kats

Simple crazy cats! I removed the original krazy kat picture because copyright.

Where is the link?


Awww look at them! they're so cute!!!!


Wake up zydrec

A game about waking up zydrec! because why not? he really needs to wake up


Small silly sites!

Blue to red converter: Link

Huh?++ Executer: Link

Jiroso has had enough of your bullshit

"Jiroso has had enough of your bullshit."

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