The Google Mystery

Date: Apr 15, 2022
Tags: [internet] [tech]

A survey conducted by the Washington Post reveals that people are more likely to trust Google rather than Apple with their personal data, and I was puzzled by this. You may or may not have heard about Apple’s Privacy-First campaigns and initiatives and Apple is going hard on the privacy-first marketing, almost every iPhone page on their website now has a dedicated section about its privacy, and Apple has written legitimate research (and also marketing material) about privacy and how they can make a more private phone for consumers.

Now, it’s important to make this clear but I am not an Apple fanboy, I have lots of criticisms about Apple, their products and the way that they market them which includes among other things the insane prices, the unknown Airtag detection system, Apple piggybacking off of open-source works, but this is more related to MIT and weak licenses..

But I would trust Apple over Google with my personal data, I know that Apple isn’t the best with privacy, they have yet to introduce encryption to iCloud. But they are significantly better, I would trust the App Tracking Transparency, I would trust the Privacy section in the Settings app and I would trust FileVault to encrypt files (But LUKS is better)

So to me, this was confusing. And I wanted to search for clues as to how or why people trust Google.

Is open-source a factor?

Apple is not a big company when it comes to open-source software, for the most part, they just steal from MIT-licensed works and barely put a proper attribution on the settings page. But Google is different, Google knows how profitable open-source is and so they make almost everything open-source.

But if you look at the advertising for various Google products, “Open-source” is barely mentioned and it’s only properly talked about when an independent YouTuber does an in-depth analysis as to why Google is popular. Everyone knows Chrome/Chromium is open-source but no one cares if it was proprietary or open-source, they would just use it.

And also it’s important to mention that Google and Apple are also harmful to the open-source community in different ways, for example, Google does not use any software licensed under AGPL and Google licenses it’s software under weak, pushover licenses such as the Apache License

And do I even need to explain Apple? They take so much from the FOSS movement without giving back as much code they steal. But this problem is more about why developers choose weak (cuck) licenses such as MIT and why is there so much anti-Copyleft sentiment regarding software development.

I don’t think open-source is a factor. But that just makes things more confusing.

Are privacy-controls a factor?

I think that most critics of Apple will acknowledge that Apple has better privacy controls than Google, Google barely offers 3 switches in a dedicated section that isn’t properly organized, but Apple goes all out, with a dedicated section and many settings organized for you to simply toggle on and off. Apple has better privacy controls, it’s not even up for debate.

Could it be Airtags?

The survey was conducted at around the same time that Airtag stalking had become a news-worthy target, Apple received lots of bad PR and so that might have influenced the decisions of the poll voters before the survey. Maybe, and I think this is a legitimate factor because Apple did not get a single ounce of positive PR, so yes, this could be the reason.

Do people just prefer Google over Apple? For no reason

Maybe, look at Google’s suite of tools and services, they have enough for almost everything, Apple has yet to introduce a tenth of what Google has. And the poll voters were asked which company they preferred to have control of their data, but they probably interpreted it as “Which company would you prefer?” and so they naturally chose Google because that’s what they use.

Irregardless, no one will know why these poll voters decided to go with Google, but Google seems to be happy about it.

Maybe the world is just a confusing mess and I will never understand it.

Maybe I need to stop thinking about this poll and go to sleep.


So with all of this being said, I am not sure exactly why the poll voters chose Google, it could be because of the reasons listed above but I don’t think open-source is a big factor, and I think that the negative Airtag stalking PR is a factor as to why people don’t trust Apple, does this mean that if Google introduces their own Airtag clone, we will see Apple rise? Probably not.

Let me know what you think, are there some factors I did not write about or even consider? are there some missing points in the factors I did consider? Well you can send a lengthy email full of whatever insults you desire.

But I am definitely sure that it’s 2 AM, I need to stop, the holidays are almost over and so Good night.