Welcome to my blog (and why I will try out blogging again)

Date: Sep 12, 2021
Tags: [life] [tech]

In 2017, I had a WordPress blog hosted on a small company’s servers for free, back then, one of my (ex-)friends told me that WordPress is not the way to go. And that has stuck with me for so long. From that point onward, I never used CMS or Blogging software and I coded everything myself in HTML and CSS.

It was nice to be able to code everything and have full control, but it was so stressful. While Github pages and Jekyll were trending, I was still using CSS. In 2021, I installed b2evolution on my server and it was nice and I used it for 3 months. But now I am switching back to HTML + CSS but it’s different this time.

First of all, I will be able to enjoy Jekyll’s markdown capabilities but way way better, I installed hugo on my main machine and it was very easy to use. I immediately began porting my website over to Hugo

It was a pain in the ass to import every single web page (not to mention the blog posts) over to a new system of managing files.

But why did I even switch away from b2evolution?

Well first of all, I don’t like web apps, not even lightweight ones. I try to keep everything static because databases are annoying and I don’t wanna increase my attack surface just because I could have a dynamic app do what Hugo is easily capable of.

But I also like minimalism and I felt as if using b2evolution (or any web app to do blogging) is wrong because it’s bloated, it was taking more bandwidth than it was supposed to, and bandwidth is important (especially if you are launching a server from your home ISP) I also did not like the account registration system, the comment system nor anything else that was included with b2evolution

If you do want to send me feedback then you can always send me it by email, why should I have a comment section that just adds additional bloat? Especially with a database server running in the background.

It was just plain better. I liked markdown and it was easier than HTML or b2evolution, so I didn’t see any reason to continue using b2evolution.

The final reason why is because I was planning to re-design my site (if you are reading this then you are already on that re-design) to make it more responsive and less complicated. I liked simplicity (if that wasn’t obvious) and I wanted to also re-design my blog.

As with everything…

As with everything, I have no idea if this will help though I am confident it will. I haven’t been able to post anything because of this project.

Right now, I am gonna have to get used to this environment. It was hard to set up but it feels like it was worth it.

Well… See you soon!