The Vollsmose Construction Experience

Date: Sep 18, 2021
Tags: [life] [personal]


Vollsmose is a small suburb in the City of Odense in Denmark, it is infamous for it’s high crime, high unemployment and many non-ethnic danes living in there. Because of that, it’s a hot topic every single election.

But in the future, the violence, the unemployment and Vollsmose’s infamous reputation might end.

2015 and Immigration

In 2015, the Immigration crisis brought many non-ethnic danes to Vollsmose, Vollsmose was filled with affordable private apartment blocks so the immigrants who arrived in Denmark naturally tried to find a place in Vollsmose where they could live. It started out nicely and then very quickly became violent.

Unfortunately, the economic opportunities in Vollsmose are very poor, there aren’t that many jobs available (Only 1100 jobs available at most and Vollsmose has 9000 citizens.) and so many resorted to criminality and that’s how Vollsmose became a high-crime high-unemployment suburb in 2 years

Hard Ghettos

But the City of Odense noticed this and so did the Danish government, the City of Odense was trying to create a redevelopment plan long before the Danish government finally decided to classify Vollsmose as a “hard ghetto” (“Very vulnerable housing area”)

But the Danish government did eventually classify it as a hard ghetto and that meant that the City of Odense had to create a plan to rescue it from that status with funding from the Danish government (and also a private entity known as the “Landsbyggefonded” which fund various infrastructure projects in Denmark)

Fremtidens Vollsmose

Fremtidens Vollsmose (Future Vollsmose) is a plan by the Odense city council to rescue Vollsmose from it’s infamous reputation and status. They had the funding and the plan was pretty much ready to finally start. In 2021 various construction project in Vollsmose started and life suddenly became a lot harder for citizens living there.

The problem is that it would be too expensive to house the citizens while the project was undergoing. (It would mean funding 4 years of housing alongside a construction project which is too much) so they pretty much just started constructing while everyone was walking and whatnot. But it wasn’t too much of a delay, the machine operators would just pause for a moment until no one was near them and continue.

Cons of living in Vollsmose

I live in Vollsmose and yes it is quite annoying, it’s sometimes hard to sleep at night because of the noise, and it can be deadly to go outside sometimes and some areas have been closed off entirely.

I don’t know what to think of the reconstruction plan, I personally believe that it is good and bad at the same time, I am not sure if the City of Odense will provide housing for Vollsmose citizens if we’re evicted. (They will have to evict lots of families because they will eventually have to start construction on the actual apartment blocks) And I am also not entirely sure if we will get our apartments back or if the developers will just sell them to danes for higher prices.

What will happen to us?

Most of us will probably be evicted, with no help from the ctiy, and have to search for housing ourselves and when the project is finished the new housing will be sold as luxurious houses/apartments to Danish families and we won’t get any benefits. The poverty will not be solved, it will just be spread out across the city and the Danish government can pretend as if they fixed the problem!

But hey, the Danish government doesn’t like Muslims anyways, why else would they try to deport more than 300 refugees back to Syria? why else would the Prime Minister say that her immigration policy is “0 Asylum Seekers in Denmark”? and why else does Denmark have the Burqa ban?

I don’t believe this plan is for the good of all, if anything, it will rip off Muslims, force them off of Vollsmose, destroy any existing business, not fix the poverty but spread it out to other regions and then claim to have fixed everything! the Danish government doesn’t want the horrible reputation that comes with Vollsmose and they don’t want Muslims either.