My Server Empire

Date: Sep 26, 2021
Tags: [tech] [network]

In 2020, Somewhere in Denmark, I started my own server but it only lasted 5 days before it ran into problems. However, slowly I started losing interest in programming (Mostly because I didn’t know how to program) and I became more interested in system administration and servers

While this was happening, my website was hosted on Github but earlier in 2017 and 2018 a small company hosted by website and at that point it was a Wordpress blog. But I decided to abandon the small company for a couple of reasons.

  1. The company was losing money from hosting my website
  2. I didn’t have full control over my website (as I didn’t control the server)
  3. I was ready to move on and I just didn’t like the way that they hosted my site, I hate the Cpanel dashboard and I dislike opening support tickets because I didn’t know something
  4. I liked being able to use Git to push my site from my desktop to Github pages.

So I finally decided to abandon the company in 2019, They helped me launch a website in my earlier years when I was clueless but I am ready to move on. 2019 would be all about Github Pages.

But that also didn’t last very long obviously and so in 2020, I happened to have an old Thinkpad R500 in my garage and so I decided to install Debian on it and use it as a server.

Thinkpad’s are durable! Use them wisely!

All of the infrastructure on runs on a single Thinkpad R500 which is surprising because this machine only has 4GB RAM and a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

So far my network config remains the same, The Thinkpad is on a demilitarized zone and I port forward all services to it.

Some slight changes.

I have done some slight changes and that is I created a firewall for the machine as an additional security measure.