Our future jobs will rely on emotions and not standard protocols.

Date: Nov 23, 2021
Tags: [tech] [future] [life]

It’s very very obvious that automation is growing, demand for more automation is rising as we speak, they are replacing cashiers, hotel staff and even police officers. Yes, robots are not inherently good, sometimes they might register our order twice, sometimes they might bring the item to the wrong room, or sometimes they kill themselves.

But robots will get better, AI is currently getting better and one day it will be able to detect common problems and fix them, there will be a human obviously observing the whole process to make sure that nothing goes wrong, but only a fraction of the population will get those jobs, others will have to rely on jobs that robots cannot be physically programmed to do and that AI is not capable of.

Jobs that involve lots of emotional intelligence such as therapists, nurses and doctors are way harder to replace and way riskier to automate. But jobs such as software engineering, telemarketers and cashiers are easier to replace and less risky to automate.

If in the future all of our jobs were automated, what would we do? An easy way to continue the cycle of capitalism would be to implement UBI and tax all corporations. Another way would be to implement cybernetics into human minds to make them as fast and efficient as those robots who are replacing us. But that is a whole different issues.

Not to mention the extremely complicated issue of software ethics and freedom, would that be a good idea? And besides, if robots do replace all of our jobs does that mean they deserve rights? Would we be outnumbered? Will humanity die off and leave robots? Of course I am exagerrating but still. What will happen in the future?

Well anyways, don’t expect your job to be taken away after 5 years, automation will take a long time. Perhaps a century even. And by then most of us would have died off and lived our lives and had fun. The same can’t be said with a robot, given enough resources, a robot could just continue on for many years, if we plan ahead and look to the future then we can create something so complicated that it will last longer than any civilization.

I sometimes worry about the future but I have more important things to worry about such as education, school and programming.