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Why I don't recommend the MIT license;
( I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. This is not the opinion of my school, employer or personal lawyer. Contact a real lawyer for actual legal advice. :) ) The MIT license has become popular in software development but I see it as possibly one of the worst licenses to ever exist, and I will explain why. The software movement is made up of volunteer developers who have the best intentions and who create amazing software and then release it freely to anyone for any purpose.

The Google Mystery;
A survey conducted by the Washington Post reveals that people are more likely to trust Google rather than Apple with their personal data, and I was puzzled by this. You may or may not have heard about Apple’s Privacy-First campaigns and initiatives and Apple is going hard on the privacy-first marketing, almost every iPhone page on their website now has a dedicated section about its privacy, and Apple has written legitimate research (and also marketing material) about privacy and how they can make a more private phone for consumers.

Abandoning Twitter.;
Recently, Twitter decided to introduce NFT profile pictures. Which, to me, is a sign I might have to minimize or stop using it at all. No, This is not an overreaction, and I will explain why I’ve always wanted to leave because Twitter is a non-free dis-service, Twitter uses an algorithm to show posts to users, which means that the experience is way more personalized and thus bad for your productivity and mental health.

The internet sucks, what do we replace it with?;
I realize that saying “The Internet sucks” is a controversial, yet oddly correct claim to make. The internet is revolutionary, it transformed how we communicate and basically how we live. But when the Internet (or “World Wide Web”) was being created in CERN, the intention for it was to be a “Information system”. Basically, text and pictures, and links to other website. It was for academic and educational use, much like ARPANET.

Our future jobs will rely on emotions and not standard protocols.;
It’s very very obvious that automation is growing, demand for more automation is rising as we speak, they are replacing cashiers, hotel staff and even police officers. Yes, robots are not inherently good, sometimes they might register our order twice, sometimes they might bring the item to the wrong room, or sometimes they kill themselves. But robots will get better, AI is currently getting better and one day it will be able to detect common problems and fix them, there will be a human obviously observing the whole process to make sure that nothing goes wrong, but only a fraction of the population will get those jobs, others will have to rely on jobs that robots cannot be physically programmed to do and that AI is not capable of.

How the "Metaverse" could be the beginning and the end of humanity.;
Facebook (Not the social media but the company that owns it) has rebranded into Meta, if the Metaverse blows up and becomes a huge part of normal life then we really, really have to liberate it and create FOSS alternatives that are as good as the proprietary ones. Changing our perception of reality The Metaverse is all about virtual reality, creating another world where you can work or play without engaging in the real world!

Software Engineer Identification Test;
While a “software engineer” might sound fun, it’s really only fun when you finally arrive home with no active side projects. How is that possible? Being able to create software sounds wonderful right? It depends on what mistakes you have already done and how much coffee you drank. The only magical things about softwar engineers and programmers (and everyone in between, including “coders” and “developers”) is that they can turn coffee into code.

My Server Empire;
In 2020, Somewhere in Denmark, I started my own server but it only lasted 5 days before it ran into problems. However, slowly I started losing interest in programming (Mostly because I didn’t know how to program) and I became more interested in system administration and servers While this was happening, my website was hosted on Github but earlier in 2017 and 2018 a small company hosted by website and at that point it was a Wordpress blog.

The Vollsmose Construction Experience;
Context Vollsmose is a small suburb in the City of Odense in Denmark, it is infamous for it’s high crime, high unemployment and many non-ethnic danes living in there. Because of that, it’s a hot topic every single election. But in the future, the violence, the unemployment and Vollsmose’s infamous reputation might end. 2015 and Immigration In 2015, the Immigration crisis brought many non-ethnic danes to Vollsmose, Vollsmose was filled with affordable private apartment blocks so the immigrants who arrived in Denmark naturally tried to find a place in Vollsmose where they could live.

Welcome to my blog (and why I will try out blogging again);
In 2017, I had a WordPress blog hosted on a small company’s servers for free, back then, one of my (ex-)friends told me that WordPress is not the way to go. And that has stuck with me for so long. From that point onward, I never used CMS or Blogging software and I coded everything myself in HTML and CSS. It was nice to be able to code everything and have full control, but it was so stressful.