New site update

Date: Oct-14-2021

I created a b2evolution instance at, here I mostly talk about technology and whatnot, also, The SSL is not working today for some reason (Or I am the only who is getting errors :( ) Please help

Another site and life update

Date: Sep-15-2021

I added a new way of donating to me in BTC and Monero and I also added an Onion service! Also I am currently in 9th grade, time sure does fly fast. two years ago I registered and I was in 7th grade, life is slowly getting harder now but I am determined to get an education and help my family out of this hell.

Another small outage!

Date: Sep-03-2021

My website was gone for a while because for some reason, lighttpd installed itself and nginx couldn't bind to the 80 and 443 ports. The question is: Why the fuck did it take me 2 days to figure that out?

Server update

Date: Aug-12-2021

I switched from Apache to Nginx, and I also setup a cgit instance at

Small outage!

Date: Jul-26-2021

The server was down for a day, we had forgot to pay our bills... we paid the bills and we got our internet back, I am sorry for the outage. I hope that this doesn't happen again!

I am on the Tildeverse now!

Date: Jul-23-2021

I am on the Tildeverse now! I was accepted into the server. So now I have a new web page, I will just host a minimalist blog about Linux and FOSS software, I also no whave an email where you can contact me

Quick update

Date: Jun-13-2021

I dont have any ideas for blog content yet, I already wrote 5 blog posts but I have decided not to publish them, they are public however, if you know the URL.
I will make a list of blog content that I haven't posted yet and my reason for why I didn't post it:

These are ALL of the blog posts I haven't published, I will write more soon or publish these ones hopefully.

I am proud of my achievements so far

Date: May-20-2021

If you told me one year ago that I would be "creating a home server with full-disk encryption, passwordless SSH keys and 2 Factor Authentication while hosting an Email server using Postfix, Dovecot with SPF,DKIM,DMARC and a CalDAV and a CardDAV server using Radicale I would think you're insane, its crazy how I have achieved these things. I am so proud of them, it seems as if every day is a step towards even more privacy.
I never thought I would see myself doing this type of thing but its fun, I still have a lot of work to do but now I can relax and just appreciate my home server
Thanks to everyone, My family, Friends and especially Sparksammy for introducing me to Linux and GNU.
I am not sure where I would be without you all. But I definitely wouldn't be hosting an email server.

Server reinstalled again

Date: May-17-2021

I had to reinstall everything, yesterday I tried running "Chmod 750 * -R" on my home directory, but my home directory had a couple of symlinks, one to the root directory (Cause I was using Ubuntu File Manager for managing files on the server sometimes) and the other to /var/www for apache. My system was basically unusable at this point so I had no choice but to reinstall...

May Update

Date: May-3-2021

This is just another update since I haven't posted very much in my blog, twitter or this news bar, just letting you all know I still haven't been killed from a joint operation by the Danish Intelligence Agency and the CIA.

and let's hope it stays that way

I honestly don't have any ideas for blog posts, its been 4 months since I have published a blog posts and I don't post on Twitter a lot.

GPG Keys

Date: Apr-17-2021

I now have a webpage dedicated to my PGP keys. So now you can see what keys I currently use and which ones are revoked, I also upload my key to the MIT keyserver and the Ubuntu Keyserver and I also have my key uploaded in the openpgp keyserver where I verified my email and my identity

I forgot to update my key unfortunately, but I didn't receive any email during that time so its okay, the latest key is available here

Happy april fools

Date: Apr-1-2021

Happy april fools, Don't forget to read about the dangers of Fossil Fuels.

New site design

Date: Feb-16-2021

Hello! I got a new site design! This site design is a combination of two previous website designs, it took more than 2 months to develop each one individually, and almost a year for me to FINALLY MAKE A NEW SITE! The old stuff has been deleted, I don't want it to haunt me anymore. I have backed up the old site, but it is mostly gone!

Oklomsy's Official Website

Welcome to my website!

About me

Hello, my name is Abdul Kikar but you can call me Oklomsy, I don't have any qualifications but I do know my way around a Debian-based Linux Distribution, I also like servers, peer-to-peer technology, IT, Networking, computer science and programming!

Contact info

You can contact me at:
If you are a spam bot:
I also have GPG keys available here if you want to talk securely

Twitter: @Oklomsy
Mastodon (

I am currently trying to add more ways to contact me but I don't wanna keep track of them all the time.

You can now donate money to me in BTC or Monero! You dont have to donate to access any specific features or something.

Blog posts


Silly things

Silly folder
First website I wrote when i switched to a minimal desktop.
Fortune website

Onion service: mykeqg26asfspckevlct234bm4gagdhs3nc36cirj4wecvd65d75uiid.onion