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So, you found my website via a Domain name owned by me (oklomsy)

I don’t use that domain probably, most domains are on sale, send me an email and I will reply back if your offer is good or not:

and also remember not all domains are not used, like will redirect here but in the future, it probably won’t.
and some domains are just useless to me like might be sold for 2$ and might be sold for the same amount, and I won’t even regret it because I can’t use it.
BUT You must obey these rules, or else I will take your domain away WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS SO OBEY THESE RULES WHEN YOU BUY A DOMAIN FROM ME:

1. You are not allowed to add any malware on these domains, no matter what.

2. You shall not scam with my domains.

3. No Malicious Code is allowed

4. No Bitcoin Miners are allowed to be put on the site

5. Any Activity that can lead to your domain getting blacklisted on chrome or google is not allowed

6. You should not use your domain to spam others with emails

7. No Free Hosting sites are allowed, Infinityfree is not allowed as it can suspend your domain at any time.

8. If you want free hosting, then use

9. No Porn or Gambling, No Shady Advertisements, and No inappropriate stuff

If you obey all these rules you should be fine, except for number 8