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How to register a IDN Domain for free (not .com)

So, I love IDN Domains Because you can convert any special Character into a domain but not common special characters like . or ,

So I made a tutorial for anyone who wants to register a domain name with special characters for free, let’s get started

All the stuff we will be using / Resources: – Punycode Converter – Domain Registrar – Web Hosting. – Translator (Optional)

So first off, Let’s start with Translator (Skip this step if you already have a sentence with special characters to convert into Punycode)

1. Translate anything from (Whatever language you understand or can speak) to (Whatever language you want your domain to be)
I am choosing English to Chinese (traditional)
and I want to translate “Internationalized Domain Test”
now we have “國際化域名測試”
2. Copy the text

Tip: You can close Translator now, we don’t need it anymore

— Converting it into Punycode

3. Go to (Or click on the link on resources)
Tip: You can remove the .com part since we won’t be registering a .com domain
4. Paste your text on the “domain” part
Converting “國際化域名測試” to Punycode = “xn--cjr6vy5ejyav92f0n9a43r”
5. Copy the text on the “ASCII compatible” part

Tip: You can close Punycode Converter now, we don’t need it anymore

— Domain Registration Part

6. Go to (Or check out the resources)
7. Paste your Punycode Text on the “Find a new FREE domain” part and click on “Check availability
8. Now pick a Domain that is free
I chose .tk so our domain will be “” or “國際化域名測試.tk”
9. Click on Check out
10. Set-up the domain a bit.
11. Click on Continue
12. Make a new account or Log in via an existing account
13. Your domain is now registered
14. Go to My Domains
15. Choose your domain
16. Click on nameservers

Tip: Do not Close Freenom, we still need it

— Adding your domain into a Free IDN Web Hosting Company

17. Go to (Or check out Resources)
18. Scroll down until you find “Free Domain Hosting (for already registered domains)”
19. Paste your domain name
20. Paste your domain name on the new tab and close the other tab.
21. Copy a nameserver and go back to freenom
22. Paste it
23. Repeat 21 and 22 until you have pasted both nameservers
24. Add a real email in the Email Box
25. Enter a Password
26. Click on continue
27. Read everything
28. Log in using your Domain and Password
29. Wait for Nameservers to change
30. You now have your own IDN Website!

Internationalized Domains Converter

Convert any Special character into a domain that works on any browser!
Example: http://⨱⨦⨩⡊⨯⨪⨧⨫⥮⧗⢧⨬⨭⨦ or

this works on all browsers!
IDN Converter: http://xn--㯙㯜㯙㯟.net or

Note: This does not work very well on folders. or 䕭䕫