Welcome to Oklomsy.com!

Hello! I am Oklomsy, and this is my website, I like posting stuff here and working on a few things and help my friends whenever they want help.


Who am I?

My name is "Abdul Karim Kikar" and I am just a Random Dude on the internet. I love talking to people and I love helping people.

What do you do?

I like to make myself believe that I don't do a lot of stuff but then I realized that everything I ever did was stressing myself, And No, I won't quit, I will work every now and then however just not a lot like I used to do.

I want to help you, what do I do?

You can help me by helping me out with my lua problems, and you can do that here scriptinghelpers.org (my username is "louponius")

What is your favorite music?

Hmm... I tried making a list of songs I like.

  • Yael Naim - New Soul (Here)
  • Hinkik - Time Leaper (Here)
  • Dex Arson - Frontlines (Here)
  • Rukkus - Problematic (Here)
  • AsapSCIENCE - The Pi Song (Here)
  • Steven Universe - Stronger Than You (Here)
  • JaidenAnimations x Boyinaband - Empty(Here))
  • Yael Naim - New Soul (Harry J Bootlet)(Here)
  • And so much more!

    Do you have any curent Projects?

    Yes! Here is a list of all the projects that I am currently workng on.

  • Veroma (A Third-Party iOS store.)
  • lejlighed (A Roblox Game.)
  • Warlord (A Discord Bot For "The Vortex Imperium: Royal Guards".)
  • Oklomsy.com (This Website.)

  • Any Friends?

    Here is a list of my IRL Friends! I won't reveal their last names. (I do make jokes about having no friends, but hey, it's still a joke.)

  • Umar
  • Anas
  • Ain
  • Khalid
  • Abdulbasit
  • Obay
  • If you're my friend and I forgot you then sorry it's maybe because I have way too many friends.

    anyways, here is a list of Internet Friends, (Friends who I didn't meet IRL).

  • Removed because she changed her Identity. will miss you :(
  • Sparksammy
  • Dschott1234
  • EchoCrystal
  • Jacobvern/Foxvern/Jade_Dev
  • musicburger14
  • Sorry if I forgot you!

  • Also, I am a big fan of Steven Universe.
    My Twitter! My YouTube!